A few educational 

films made by us:

Total Education Film Series for Sarv Shiksha Sampurn Shiksha Nihshulk Ssshiksha or Total and Free Education for All.


If there is one solution to all problems in the long run, it is education. And for rapid mass education, the only WMIs or Weapons of Mass Instruction are instructional films made in local languages including the tribal languages. Towards this end a huge initiative has been taken by the BCK. A few examples can be seen on the left-hand margin of this page that showcases some of the videos made by us without funding. In fact, we have made dozens of videos of this kind without any external support. Howe er, a good number of videos still remain to be made, perhaps even more professionally.


In India there are great gaps in the education curricula and the pedagogy today, leading to lack of all-round development of children and youth, and their lopsided personality growth. The BCK has identified those gaps and developed a 50-point supplementary curriculum to address the gaps and a special pedagogy. Some of these areas are: personality development, communication skills, aesthetic sense, study skills, examination skills, memory skills, spoken Hindi and spoken English, inter-personal skills, life skills, critical thinking, emotional literacy and emotion management, career streams, to name a few.


Education is not just about academic skills. It has to prepare one for a viable livelihood. Therefore, the BCK  has also been preparing instructional films to teach vocational trades with the help of the best experts in a manner that all the information necessary to begin a trade will be contained in the film itself so that any person learning that trade, or starting his own business based on that trade, will have no problems in doing so if he or she just watches the instructional films carefully. ‘Kheti se Lakhpati’ (Rich from Farming) is one such film series to teach people how to become rich through farming. A part of this  series,  prepared under the direction of a team headed by the Founder of the Bharatiya Chetna Kendra Mr PK Siddharth 'BrahmBodhi', was also broadcast by the official TV channel of India – the Doordarshan - across the country in 2010-11. Now more films are being added to the series under the banner of the Bharatiya Chetna Kendra.

Since there are no teachers available to teach properly the 50-odd non-traditional subjects to students, the only way is to develop 'weapons of mass instruction', i.e. instructional films in local languages  - and not in English - including the tribal languages, packed in CDs and DVDs, or simply pen-drives. We invite partners and philanthropists to help the BCK in carrying forward this mission and project.


To watch the ‘Rich from Farming’ series on the YouTube, just type out on the Net 'Kheti Se Lakhpati' or click the following link for a sample view. This is an inspiring biography of a farmer who became a millionaire in just five years by learning the new techniques of farming. The film was made without any external funding and the veteran actor Om Puri anchored without charging any fees to promote the initiative. Thanks Om for the charity!