• May directly put money in their PPF account like Rs 5000 yearly for making their future secure in the eyes of the parents who give their children to the Gurukul.

  • May donate your old or new tablets or computers

  • May donate new dresses and dress accessories

  • May donate foodgrains

  • May donate bedding 

  • May donate land for construction of Gurukul building at or around Vrindavan or Rishikesh

Tejaswi Gurukul

An exclusive school

for bright poor children


  • No branches: only one Gurukul under direct tutelage of BrahmBodhi at Vrindavan

  • Fully residential 

  • Three-fold speical curriculum 

  • No compulsory fees

  • Preference to rural children

  • Tablets and other advanced educational gadgetes provided to all students 


This residential Gurukul is run centrally, presently at Vrindavan, Mathura in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and is meant for intellectually gifted children who are specially dedicated to studies. Children from poor families are given priority, though other parents may also send their children to Tejasvi Gurukul for its one-year Foundation Course if they are very keen on their children receiving a grounding in Indian culture and civilization and the worldview derived from the Bhagavad Gita, and for all-round development of their children. In the residential set-up at the Tejasvi Gurukul, children are guided 24 hours a day according to a carefully prepared programme for total development of their personality. There are no compulsory fees for anything. However, the guardians are free to provide food grains, books, dress, shoes, gurukul uniform, laptop, Kindle or tablet for the children according to their ability. They may also donate money if they like. 

The Tejasvi Gurukul also organises a one-year foundation course for children of age 9 to 12. After completing this course, children can go back to mainstream schooling if they so like. Otherwise, they can stay at the Gurukul and complete their formal school education and the final board examinations here itself. In this foundation course strong foundations are laid for their character-building, etiquette and manners and future academic achievements. 

The Foundation Course for children has a special curriculum, some parts of which are given below:

  • 51 select slokas of the Bhagavad Gita from the book Gita Navneet for Students, the entire story of the Ramcharitmanas, useful stories and knowledge from the Bhagwat-Puran, and essential elements of the Indian civilization and culture.

  • Handwriting practice.

  • 2500 basic words from the book Basic 2500 Dictionary.

  • 1000 Power Words drawn from different domains to accelerate the intellectual, emotional and attitudinal growth of children.

  • Development of the basic ability to  speak Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

  • Study of the life-stories of 20 eminent people of India and the world including saints, scientists. players. writers, entrepreneurs, and social and political leaders.

  • The 50-point special curriculum consisting, among others, of memory-skills examination-skills, study-skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, good manners, physical exercise regimens etc. Detailed information on all this can be obtained from the gurukul section of the website www.bharatiyachetna.com or via email bhartiyachetna@gmail.com.


People who find it worthwhile to contribute for these gurukuls may contribute to the following

account. Bharatiya Chetna Kendra Acct no.30806794346 IFSC SBIN0016533, Branch Code: 16533, State Bank of India,Vrindavan, Mathura, UP (India)

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How you may help 

these poor but bright


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