Total Livelihood Solution Centre

A country that used to be the richest in the past is home to the largest number of the poor today. To help people find a viable livelihood source, the BCK has evolved a solution that is to be put into effect by setting up total livelihood solution centres, ideally in every block. But at first a mother Centre has to be created as a pilot project which may be replicated at other places.


This Centre is designed to provide under one roof, through a single window, all kinds of livelihood support services, and is meant to leave no able-bodied and willing person unemployed in the area of its operation within a period of three to five years.


There are broadly four kinds of livelihood sources: farming, business, jobs in the private sector and jobs in the government sector. Depending on the suitability of the person, the Centre will provide him or her with advice, counselling, training, fund arrangement guidance, hand-holding, and actual placement arrangements. A 300-page project report is ready and has been presented to groups of experts including those of the Planning Commission of India. Now the BCK is looking for partners and supporters who would help in the implementation of the project beginning with a pilot to fine-tune the procedures and processes before widespread replication.


To know more, philanthropists who believe in rapid poverty alleviation and may be interested in the project, may please contact for detailed presentations.