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Our GIRA GRAM GURUKULS are a mix of the ancient Indian hermitage schools and modern scientific education. They are smart Gurukuls in that they impart education mostly through wall-mounted TVs which play pre-recorded programmes especially designed for rural kids. The most promising children among them are offered a place in our fully residential TEJASWI GURUKUL SCHOOL meant to  groomed them as the future social and academic leaders. Both kinds of Gurukul Schools are open to all castes and communities. They are also free. 

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Special School for
Bright Poor Children:
Free Village Open Schools
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Total Development

Bharatiya Chetna Kendra, unlike most others, wants to take up villages for their total development, and not sectoral growth. However, it first takes up human development. Then, at the second stage, it goes for material advancement, more especially poverty alleviation.  

Material advancement and spiritual growth must go hand-in-hand. Without the latter, the former will not make much sense. Therefore, India and the world must strive to remove both material and spiritual poverty. It is this goal to which this organisation and its organs dedicate themselves.

Gurukul Schools

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