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A Gita in Every Home 




In the midst of the invasion of Western cultural values, the contact of the new generations with the books. which have thus far been spreading the Indian values and culture is increasingly being lost. To prevent this, the BCK plans to bring the Gita, and certain other books to every home which are fast vanishing. Our publication unit Bhagvat-Gita Prakashan is going to very shortly launch the basic edition of the Gita in Hindi for free distribution in Hindi-speaking areas of India. This will very shortly be followed by an English version for free distribution in Australia, Europe, and the USA.


If you like to associate with this mission in any way, please contact us. We are looking for partners in Australia, Europe, and the USA who would take up the responsibility of getting printed and distributed the basic English edition free of cost, for which a ready-to-print soft version of the holy book will be provided by us. For more information please contact Mr. Siddharth at +91 8252667070 (India).