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What is meant by 'sponsoring'

Sponsoring a bright child means economically securing his or her future so that their parents allow them to stay at the Gurukul to be groomed as future leaders of the society and to allow their natural talents gifted by nature to blossom. Click here to know more.

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Watch Gurukul

children perform

1. English drama-conversation on relevance of the Gita to children

2. The Banana Peel: A drama on ethics and values.

Small kid teaching English phonetics to other children.

The first Gita Gram Gurukul at village Gangrauli in Mathura district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our Gurukuls are a mix of the ancient Indian hermitage schools and modern scientific education. A special curriculum is followed at these Gurukuls which is meant for the children's total development and not just cognitive development. The Gita Gram Gurukuls are not only for children but for adults too.  For example, farmers are given training in better techniques of farming, women are given training in self-employment, youth are made aware of career and livelihood avenues, labourers are helped with knowledge of labour welfare schemes and how to avail of them. Special skill-development programmes are also run for the interested groups. Therefore these Gita gram Gurukuls are essentially community development centres.