If you wish to open a Gita Gram Gurukul in your village, you will have to provide us with a temple complex or any public place or regular us that will remain under our administrative control. The place must have at least one enclosed space (a hall) which can comfortably accommodate 20 to 100 children. The villagers will also have to provide a wall-mounted large TV, an inverter with a battery for round the clock electric supply and a sound amplifying system. There has to be a reliable pujari/person for round-the-clock presence for guarding the properties. 

We will provide all the teaching material in the form of videos for being relayed on the smart TV using a pen drive. We will also provide some special books.  No 'teacher' will necessarily be required at the gurukul but a 'demonstrator' will be needed to play the TV and to discipline the children, who are prone to playfulness and frolic. This can be done by engaging part-time educated volunteers from the village itself.

Gita Gram Gurukul

Free Open  Schools for Village Children, and

Free Training to Adults

​The general Gita Gram Gurukuls operate from temple premises or some other place where there is a room for a wall-mounted TV and accommodation for seating at least 20 children. These gurukuls are run for a one-and-a-half-hour for one batch. During these ninety minutes, the first 15 minutes are devoted to the study of the Bhagavad Gita and the fundamental unity of all faiths. The next 15 minutes are devoted to ethics and values, discipline and other topics related to total development, half an hour is given to local language and English language-ability development, and the last half an hour is devoted to strengthening the knowledge of topics prescribed in the official school curriculum so that children are able to do well at school examinations.  80% of the education is imparted through pre-recorded specially prepared video programmes or YouTube videos that can be watched on a wall-mounted TV by children. This is because high-quality education in several fields of knowledge cannot be imparted by an ordinary teacher. Many experts of different fields also impart education through videoconferencing. Education at these Gurukus is free. Children that are found to be especially dedicated and intelligent are given an opportunity to join the fully residential Tejasvi Gurukul for much faster growth.

Ar the Gurukul not only children are educated. Farmers are shown 'Kheti se Lakhpati' videos for increasing their income, ladies are taught self-employment skills, labourers are made aware of the welfare schemes they can avail of. 

Lectures of the Bhagavad-Gita, Ramayan, Bhagavatam etc. will also be organised online, through prerecorded audiovisual programs and also through experts in person.

We have recently begun a Gita Gram Gurukul school at village Gangrauli in Mathur District, 25 km from Vrindavan. A picture in placed below.