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Listen to the organisational songs; access the messages of the Chairperson of the Bharatiya Chetna Kendra Trust and of the first Kulpal of the Bharatiya Chetna Kendra Sangathan, and other informative and inspiring audios,  and share them with your friends. 

Chairperson's message

Srimati Vinita Siddharth set up this Trust in 2009, and is its Chairperson.

She speaks to you about why this Trust had to be set up.

Chairperson's message aidio hindi - Vinita Siddharth
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Inspirational songs

Here are inspirational songs for children, youth, women, labourers and farmers, senior citizens and all.  Share these original songs written by the first Kulpal Sri PK Siddharth and sung by Sri Shashank Shekhar. The tunes were made by Music Director Dhananjay Mishra. Share these original songs with your friends.

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