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K. Krishnamurti

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Spreading the light of India and the Orient


India is the oldest living civilization that has survived all foreign onslaughts and historical vicissitudes. It has produced some of the most exalted and useful ideas in the world apart from being a pioneer in religion, poetry, philosophy, music, astronomy, agriculture, science, mathematics and many other fields. However, the cleverly crafted education system designed by the British and perpetuated by the successive Indian governments has ensured that the Indians are not made aware of the greatness of the Indian civilization and its contribution to the world. The Bharatiya Chetna Kendra (The Indian Consciousness Centre), a Trust registered under the Indian law, is dedicated to spreading the ideas produced by the ancient Indian consciousness. It also works for total individual and community development within the framework of the great Indian cultural values.

Bharatiya Chetna Kendra was established on the Diwali day in the year 2008. However, it was registered as a Trust on the 5th May, 2009. There were two reasons for naming it Bharatiya Chetna Kendra (which would translate as the Indian Consciousness Centre): one, it was intended to transform the mindset of the common Indians; and two, it was inspired by certain original and unique Indian ideas which deserve to be promoted not only in India but everywhere else. However, it should not be presumed from what has been said above that all ideas thrown up by the Indian civilization are equally relevant today or that each of them are acceptable in modern times. For example, many ideas which promoted poverty and germinated at a late stage of history now deserve to be discarded, and the ideas of four main goals of life have to be resurrected, which include the promotion of prosperity. Yet, it has to be borne in mind that the West's current wave that seeks to turn human beings completely into economic beings is a wave that must be resisted and halted. It is necessary to understand that Bharatiya Chetna Kendra does not believe that the Indian civilization does not need to learn anything from other societies. The most significant contribution of the Western culture to other civilizations is the scientific outlook and the scientific method, which must spread among the Indians and others.

India has a deep history and a rich cultural heritage. Its ideas and ideals – barring the caste system that promoted contempt for a certain class of people and restricted their vertical mobility - are the ideas and ideals that can give humanity a future in which there is peace, no enmity, hatred and terrorism, and which, through a balanced mix of material and spiritual advancement, can make the humans realize completeness, contentment and inner bliss.

The Trust was founded by Mr P.K. Siddharth 'BrahmBodhi' and is chaired by Mrs Vinita, a social worker. It has three other members including Sri K. Krishnamurti, Managing Trustee.